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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Ben and Dion

How did influential “luminaries” in technology fields–the CTOs, Chief Architects, Influential Curmudgeons, and so forth–get their start? What advice would they give to others? Tech Luminaries is a podcast series that aims to answer these questions through informal chats with various stars in tech.

Tech Luminaries is a project of Ben and Dion, two geeks that have been working together on various tech industry projects for the last few years.


Brendan Eich

As the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder / CTO of Mozilla, Brendan’s impact on the Web has been enormous. We first met Brendan at O’Reilly’s Ajax Summit in May 2005 and were immediately fascinated with the depth and breadth of his knowledge–and the break-neck speed with which he shares it.

A few years later, we had the chance to sit down with Brendan to discuss his career and learn more about the decisions that have led to the Web as we know it. We hope you enjoy the inaugural episode of Tech Luminaries as we had a blast recording it.

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Episode 1: Interview with Brendan Eich
Running Time:  60 minutes
Recorded: July 2007 by Ben and Dion
Format: MP3, 41 MB